Confused about Energy Providers and PECO’s Utility Increase 1/1/11?



On January 1, 2011 caps will be removed from the utility rates that were put in place in 1998 by Pennsylvania state law. As a result, PECO’s electric supply rate will jump from $0.068/kwh to $0.09924/kwh – a supply rate increase of 30%+.

You can default to this higher rate, or choose a lower rate. Even PECO is encouraging you to choose a lower rate. Take PECO’s advice: Lower your rate!      “With deregulation, people should be shopping for their electricity. If not, PECO becomes the default provider.” – PECO president and CEO Denis O’Brien

As a Service to Clients, Friends and Family;

Go to this site from the PA Utility Commission with a list of new approved energy providers.

As you see Stream Energy currently is the lowest rate at .0743 kWh variable

Starting January PECO rates go up to .09924 kWh;  Some companies on the list have cancellation fees and/or deposit fees.

Stream Energy has no fees.                      

Contact me back with your PECO Acct # as I can change your Electric Provider.  Remember PECO still sends you the bills and remains the company performing repairs on lines, etc.  

 Happy New Year!

 Mark Barone
Keller Williams Real Estate

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